Biology Homeworks


Homeworks for the First Marking Period

Write a paragraph explaining What is Biology Due 9/11/18

Write two paragraphs explaining the importance of Biology in our daily life. Due 9/13/18

Nature of Science Due 9/18/18 LINK

Themes of Biology Due 9/20/18 LINK

History of the microscope Due to 9/25/18 LINK

What is a brine shrimp read the article and write a paragraph about brine shrimp LINK Due 9/27/18

Nature of Matter  Due 10/2/18 LINK

Matter and substance Due 10/4/18 LINK

 Water solution  Due 10/ 16/18   LINK

Acid or base 10/18/18 LINK

Homeworks for the Second Marking Period

Marcomolecule 10/23/18 LINK

Biomolesules video 10/25/18 LINK

Introduction to cells

Cell city analogy

Cell structure and function

Cell structure Quizlet

Cell game

Cell membrane ED puzzle

Cell signeling Ed puzzle

Passive transport

Osmosis and Diffusion

Review cell membrane and transport on Quizlet

Photosynthesis Due 1/8/19 LINK

Photosynthesis ED puzzle Due 1/10/19 LINK

Homeworks for the Third Marking period

Steps of cellular respiration LINK Due 2/12/19

Anaeorobic respiration LINK Due 2/14/19

Quizzes Due  cellular respiration DUE 2/16/19

Quizzes Due photosynthesis Due 2/18/19

Carbon transfer snail and Elodea virtual Lab

Self mointor grade maker LINK

Active  reading DNA LINK Due 2/26/19

DNA work sheet LINK Due 2/28/19