Biology Class


 Course Description:

                Biology is a laboratory science course that covers the study of living things and how they interact with their surroundings. The scientific process and laboratory skills are emphasized along with biology’s connections to other scientific disciplines. This course provides the opportunity for students to develop scientific process skills, laboratory techniques, and an understanding of the fundamental principles of living organisms.

Text Book:   Biology Exploring life By Prentice Hall

                        Available online at

Class website : will contain class calendar, class notes ,online testing ,videos,and  internet resources. Please make sure to check it frequently

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To submit your homework you should sign into Google Classroom with this code  

                       Zero Period sfcs3a

 Sixth period tt1y2a4       Eigth period 1nLo7cf   

          Nineth Period 4i7giho

Course Materials:

Students must bring the following items with them every day to class:

  1. One subject note book only for Biology
  2. Pen or pencil
  3. Chromebook

Grading and Evaluation:

There are many opportunities to accumulate grades/points during the marking periods. Grades are given for tests, quizzes, labs, projects, classwork, and homework.

1)Homework /classwork– 20%      2) participation-10%    3) tests 30%   4) Quizes 15%  5) projrcts/lab 30%

Letter grades will be determined by percentages of total points per the following grading scale:

            A      90-100    B  80- 89   C  70-79  D 60- 69  F 0-59

Class Expectations:

  1. Show courtesy and respect for others in the classroom.
  2. Demonstrate self-responsibility and maturity at all times.
  3. Follow all attendance policies. This includes absences and cuts.
  4. Cell phones  may not be used or seen in class.  All school policies apply.
  5. Come to class prepared. You will need to bring your notebook, pen/pencil, and completed assignments each day. You will lose points for each day late.
  6. Show pride in your own work.  Copying will result in zeroes for both parties.
  7. Attendance is critical to your success. It is your responsibility to get any missed notes, class work, or assignments.
  8. EXTRA HELP:  I am available for extra help fifth period. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Course Overview:

Developing Sparks skills Unit 0
Cell Specialization and Homeostasis Unit 1
DNA and Inheritance Unit 2
Natural Selection Unit 3
Evolution Unit 4


                                                    I am looking forward to an exciting  year of Biology with you!